is a project, launched in cooperation with Russian wine magazine
"Imperia Vkusa" and catalogue "Who is Who at Russian Alcohol Market" .

Catalog «Who is Who at Russian Alcohol Market»

How to place an advertising?

Step by step explanation

1. All you need is to send us e-mail with attached information about your winery.

2. As soon as we get you request and information we shall contact you via e-mail and send invoice and contract.

3. We start working on your request immediately. We make translation, insert your winery in database and create your ad page.
If we have any questions, we come in touch with you to make all points clear.

4. As soon as we get your payment, we send you image (jpg or PDF) with your advertising pages.
You prove it by sending image back to us with comments like fine, OK , approved etc.

5. Your page is placed in catalog and printed.


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