is a project, launched in cooperation with Russian wine magazine
"Imperia Vkusa" and catalogue "Who is Who at Russian Alcohol Market" .

Catalog «Who is Who at Russian Alcohol Market»

Advertising pages
(How it will be?)

We give information about your winery in clear, structured form, easy to capture
at one sight. Information about each winery is presented in two facing pages.
Left page contains information about your winery, right page is about your wines

to place

Actually, this is your choice.
You may choose variant
A or B depending on what do you want to show:
images of some labels or just a list of wines perhaps, with indication of different product lines

(A), use this option if you want to show up to 4 labels of your wines with brief information about each wine

- Name of wine
- Blend percentage
- Volume of production
- Ratings, scores (if any)
- Price Range
- Bottle size options (optional)
- Type of cork (optional)

(B), use this option if you want to show wide range of your wines (up to 15 positions),
or to indicate different product lines . Brief information about each wine includes:

- Name of wine
- Blend percentage
- Volume of production
- Ratings, scores (if any)
- Price Range

In this variant you can make an accent on different lines of wines in your product range

Left page contains following information about a winery:

1. Name of your winery
(with correct transliteration in Russian)

2. Contacts of your winery
(address, e-mail, tel, web site etc.)

3. Image of your winery, aimed to generate first positive

4. Logotype or emblem of your winery.

5. Brief data: volume of production, total square of owened vineyards, the name of the owner, the name of the winemaker (optional); and commercial contact (export manager) with e-mail

6. Main text about your winery.
Brief description of your winery, production,
philosophy *



You are free to express whatever you want In a text about your winery. Nobody can say better about your winery than you. But let us recommend you something. 10 year of our experience in communication with producers, importers, bear us courage to give you some advices concerning information that importers need first of all. Different companies have different reasons in choosing this or that winery (some time very pragmatic ones). This information should give them right understanding of who you are and answer to their most common questions. In particular, in text you may mention when your winery was founded, whether it is private one or cooperative. (if you are an agent, please mention all wineries that you represent).
Mention, in what international markets you sell your wines already. What is general volume of production of your winery. How many % of your production you sell abroad. (if percentage is not big yet you may not mention it at all)
If you have some features that marks out your winery among others (oldest cellar or winery in the area, the biggest/smallest vineyard, family driven estate since 1344 etc.) May be your winery is consulted by some famous oenologist, mention it (or may be you'd kick him away last year, your wine immediately had become less pricy and sales had increased dramatically ). What sector of wine market your production is oriented on (on-trade/off-trade). If you have guest house/hotel in your winery and you are able to invite guests - mention it. For non-European producers: if you have stock in Europe, or European representative it's worth to mention it. In what international wine shows does your winery takes part next year. If you have organic certified production/vineyards mention it. If you are ready to share marketing expenses with importer please mention it also. Finally. Even if your description will look like a table, it is not that bad. Leave fruitful description of your advantaged to marketing dept. It is very important but it will be required little bit later. Here we are to give brief and really important information for decision makers.


We use following table to indicate price
range of a wine (ex-works prices).

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